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11/5/2012 - Mate in 2

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    too easy

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    atrin1 wrote:

    who ever says first has no life.

    I always like these kind of comments :P

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    Easy one again..

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    REALLY!?!?!?   This should not be called a puzzle due to the fact there is nothing puzzling about it!

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    Really obvious!

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    Cool :) !

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    Yeah babbbbyyyy!!!!

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    was that a puzzle for kids? i mean c'mon

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    On Sunday there was at least an intriguing alternative move (moving the knight to discover a check with the rook) to consider.  Today's puzzle showed no alternative lines, so it was much "easier."  No "what ifs" to be discussed today.  The initial move can't even be called a Queen Sacrifice, since it is clearly trading Queens.  Had the d8 square been protected by a rook on the eighth rank (but not on c8), we might call the initial Qd8+ a Queen Sacrifice.

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    I thought Sunday was yesterday.

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    what d heck is this?Yell

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    atrin1 wrote:

    who ever says first has no life.

    You kinda just said it. That means you have no life i guess :/


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    very very easy....

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    Foeced #2. Good day; bonne journée.

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    Tooooooooooooo easyyyyyy...


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