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1/16/2013 - Mate in 4

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    back rank checkmate classic

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    JacekK wrote:


    I thought it would be smothered mate.

    me too

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    If 3...Kc8 then 4.Qc7#

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    Smothered mate doesn't work.

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    The first move was tricky then it became easier

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    Whonder what the next one will be

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    i thought it'd be smothered mate...

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    John_Tatum wrote:

    Smothered mate doesn't work.

    yes it does; if black moves 4. Na6+ Kc8, white responds with 5. Qc7#

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    animalcollective33 wrote:


    whaddaya mean, "420"?

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    edit: easy

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    PAMetalBoss wrote:
    foozkillah wrote:
    PAMetalBoss wrote:

    What's wrong with using smothered mate in 5? So it takes one move longer, so what? How is that incorrect? Someone explain that to me, I think it's absurd. 

    You might've answered your own question, PAMetalBoss... one move longer could mean the difference in a blitz/bullet game, or even a regular slow play  match with time running out. The fewer the moves to checkmate, the safer and less chance for error, or even a mishandled piece.  The smother mate damages your opponent's ego and will more, yes, but not if he/she has 1 second left and you have none.  Then you'd just look like an idiot.

    But, it took me LESS time to see the smothered mate in 5 than the mate in 4. 

    foozkillah's answer is only valid in very specific situations. Like you said whichever mate you see first is the one you will use if you don't have much time. Specially when moves are forced you can just premove so it doesn't matter how many moves it takes.

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    I love these things

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    JacekK wrote:


    I thought it would be smothered mate.

    me too

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    good one :)

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    It's all about the flytrap if it takes one extra move that's fine because it just is so cool


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