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1/16/2013 - Mate in 4

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    One of those problems with more than one answer.

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    very nice

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    If a chess math was that easy

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    Me parece que puede ser tambien:

    1.Dc7+; Ra8


    3. Cc7++

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    Of course the most beautifull way, is to not hit the rook but do 3.Ka6-Ka8 4.Qb8-Rxb8 5Kc7 MATE!

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    Would have looked better as a smother mate!!!  Instead of Knight taking rook, Na6(double check), If King goes to c8 it's mate with queen at c7, So King moves to the corner at a8, then Qb8+  Rxb8  And smother mate with Knight mating at c7

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    This puzzle has been up for more then a day now. Right?

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    Where is today's puzzle?

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    nice one........

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    Mate in 4 - nice!

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    ok, I had a different variation I think would work 

    1. Qd6+ Ka8

    2. Nc7+ Kb8

    then I was thinking

    3. Na6+ (double check from knight and queen)

    if Kc8, 4. Qc7#

    if Ka8, 4. Qb8# Rxb8 Nc7#

    to deliver smothered mate...I guess best play is one extra move though, it would be could if these tactics would let you play out less than best play against the computer

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    There's mate in 3: Qd6, Qb8 & Nc7.

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    I was doing the puzzel and i got it in 5 sekens i think it was easy TO!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing  Tongue Out


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    This is also a good puzzle
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    Easy one!

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    nice. thanks :) many ways to mate here. 


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