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1/16/2013 - Mate in 4

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    cool puzzle! im not very good,so i like to train on easier ones

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    why not smothered mate?

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    Poor king... No way out...

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    Ah nevermind, I got why it's mate in four.

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    smothered sooo automatic ... but wrong here

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    Another interesting one.

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    I guess I wanted to do the same thing as everyone else and do a smothered mate.

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    Good Puzzle!

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    That was so easy it was dumb!!!!!!!!!!

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    in a real game I would make it smothered... chess is fun too...

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    Wow! FINALLY my dumb ### got it on the dirst try :)

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    foozkillah wrote:
    PAMetalBoss wrote:

    What's wrong with using smothered mate in 5? So it takes one move longer, so what? How is that incorrect? Someone explain that to me, I think it's absurd. 

    You might've answered your own question, PAMetalBoss... one move longer could mean the difference in a blitz/bullet game, or even a regular slow play  match with time running out. The fewer the moves to checkmate, the safer and less chance for error, or even a mishandled piece.  The smother mate damages your opponent's ego and will more, yes, but not if he/she has 1 second left and you have none.  Then you'd just look like an idiot.

    But, it took me LESS time to see the smothered mate in 5 than the mate in 4. 

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    back rank checkmate classic


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