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1/18/2012 - Mate in 3

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    alexdanielperry wrote:
    spassky wrote:
    alexdanielperry wrote:

    This would never exist in a real game, no player could leave the white queen  where it is to start off with, it would just get taken.

    Maybe Black's king was on g8 and the queen could not be taken because the f-pawn is pinned by the bishop on b3.  So Black played Kg8-h8 on his last move to threaten the queen and arrive at the problem position.  Seems fairly plausible for a real game.

    Fair point, seems as though there'd be better things to do than Kh8 

    Maybe, but look at his pieces -- who even does that with their rooks?  Black is obviously not an experienced player.  "Kick the queen by breaking the pin" seems about the right level of sophistication.  What's kind of interesting to me now that this has been brought up is that white would not have had to see a potential forced mate coming either.  He's a piece up -- no doubt the previous move was Qxg6, exploiting the pin.

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    Firewolf000 wrote:

    bishop f6# would have also worked as last move

    No, the queen can block and then it's a mess.

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    Good one.

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    Another good puzzle, I must be learning something !

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    Nice enough

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    Nice puzzle!

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    Good puzzle.

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    Cool one. Didn't know it

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    incredibly easy in fact it was so easy it took me exactly 4 seconds to finish all this puzzles are so ridiculously easy it makes me sad you guys are saying they're good

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    Very good and nice problem.

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    Zhanhui1995 wrote:


    Translation: "I'm smart. Look at me".  Observation:  Who cares?  If you're looking for a world class challange, go beat an international grand master.

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    I do not know how, but I had trouble on the last move

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    What is the fasciation with going for a perfect checkmate with the least Number of moves? Why bother? The object is to win. 3 moves vs 4 moves? The sun will still come up tomorrow.

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    cool Smile

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    Great !

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    Just got around to looking at todays puzzle and yes the rook stood out as the sacrifice lamb and the rest of the moves fall into place Thanks Staff

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