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1/18/2014 - Round-A-Bout

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    i liky

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    Some might even call this puzzle the reach-around!!

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    great puzzle

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    beanthere wrote:

    I agree with dinokiller  - I think that Ba4 is a better second move 

    BG5+  Kf5 Ba4

    with Bc2 next - the only move that postpones mate is Knight to B4, when the pawn takes the knight 

    Excause me, here is an another opinion.

    When White Moves Bishop (Ba4), Black kicking White Pawn with Bishop (Bxd4) . To open the (c) file for (a8) Rook and taking a Strategaicl Defensive Position. Otherwise King could escape by (Ke5), when White third move would be (Bc2).

    Example nu.1:

    Bg5+  Kf5

    Ba4  Bxd4

    cxd4  Rc8

    Example nu.2

    Bg5+  Kf5

    Ba4  Bxd4

    Bc2+  Ke5


    Thanks Laughing

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    EyadRiyadh wrote:
    IamNotAGrandmaster wrote:

    Solved! I had to struggle a lot

    You haven't. No worrying and care. Just solve it quietly.


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    Excellent puzzle.

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    good puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!!


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