12/14/2017 - Siegbert Tarrasch vs Romberg, Nuremburg 1893

Sleepingpuppy wrote:

The move N*c7 was pretty tempting, but that wasn't the correct move. The correct answer is this:1. fxg7+ Kxg7 2. Qxh6+ Kxh63. Ne6+ Kh5 4. Ndf4+ Kh6 5. Ne2+Kh5 6. Rf5+ Bxf5 7. Ng3+ Kg68. exf5+ Kf6 9. Bg5#

Cool bishop checkmate!!!


wezmabini wrote:

For me the confusion was the number of other great options that were available, which would have led to victory but taken longer. The minds of the masters are beyond my comprehension.

I agree!


wezmabini wrote:
Sleepingpuppy wrote:

I was posting the daily puzzle answer!


Spoilers are banned

Seriously wezmabini, are you stupid or do you have a brain problem??? Doesn't everyone know that there are spoilers everyday? You can't stop all of them!!


Wow, those Knights!



ImpulsiveGeniusII wrote:
  • I noticed something very strange in this position : After the move 1. fxg7+ Kxg7, Stockfish is marking the position with a score of +7.20 for White and proposes me to move the Queen on the h4 square as the best move. 
  • But then when I take the Knight with the Queen, it sees a Mate in 8!!!
  • SO it should have advised me that move, am I right ? Quite disturbing, does that mean Tarrasch saw a little deeper than actual computers do ? That sounds surrealist ! 

Engines seems to have problems with many positions, especially closed ones. Try this combination below, really interesting one happy.png

[Variant "From Position"]
[FEN "1r3r2/4bpkp/1qb1p1p1/3pP1P1/p1pP1Q2/PpP2N1R/1Pn1B2P/3RB2K w - - 4 22"]

22. Qf6+ Bxf6 23. gxf6+ Kg8 24. Ng5 h6 25. Rxh6 Rb7
26. Bf2 Nxa3 27. Rg1 Nc2 28. Rg3

And now we have mate in 3. How many moves ahead was Stockfish able to see this? wink.png




sooo deep