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1/20/2013 - Opening Up

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    gud 1

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    easy checkmate... Cool

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    Very easy...

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    I feel dumber o_O I guess that's Sunday puzzles for ya.

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    WoW you guys must be GMs. It took me 2 weeks to figure this out. Such an awesome puzzle, might be the toughest of the year. Hehehehe

    Can not get any easier than this one. It has to be hands down the easiest puzzle i have seen ever!

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    Even is black plays Kc7, it leads to the same mate.

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    Forced #2... good day; bonne journée.

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    I like all the 'red herrings' in the Sunday puzzles. Like, why is white's knight on g1, instead of, maybe, e2 or h3? Is there any particular reason the king is on c1 and not b1 or a1? Or even e3 or g7!? Here is a more confusing and positionally absurd version of the same puzzle:

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    Easy for sunday

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    hi everyone

    dailypuzzle wrote:

    Drag the pieces to solve!

    Want more chess puzzles? Want a tactics rating?

    Check out the Tactics Trainer and 10,000+ tactical puzzles!

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    Intricate. If I hadn't been looking for a quick solution, I don't know if I'd have gotten it.

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    106 :D

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    I do these puzzles at a master level on Sundays. Love it.Smile

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