12/21/2011 - E. del Rios 1750

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    black only had two options!  Rxg8 or Kxg8.  all the other moves were forced.  very nice!! 

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    that was great

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    Just beautiful!

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    That's kind of how I envisioned it
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    AnOriginalName wrote:


    That's kind of how I envisioned it

    The problem there is the line is not forcing, Black does not have to take your Knight and you are threatened with mate. Black would play 3...Qxg2#

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    leave me alone

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    Very nice, I was hoping to make a smoothered mate, but puzzle defended itself against it ;) Very nice backrank mate with the help of 2 powerful knights in good positions.

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    Once  1.Nf7+  is discounted, the rest is by the numbers. Still, better not knowing the purpose of the puzzle ?

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    Gr8 puzzle

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    Why RxNC8 when he can Qxg2+mate on the 3rd move.

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    Forced win on mating ideas.

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    Nice game.

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