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12/21/2011 - E. del Rios 1750

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    Nice one.

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    First page!

    Seen the seem principle before but very nice puzzle

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    StrategicPlay wrote:

    yay! first page! :D... no retries. easy

    i did some retries

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    this guy is good...
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    This is one of those puzzles that become very easy once you realize that Black is threatening mate in 1, and so every White move has to give check. There are very few candidate moves!

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    I like that one.

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    nice puzzle

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    That's a fun one.

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    simple one

    and good also

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    I solved it first time with no errors but it is not easy at all since in flies in face of convention and is a study in lateral thinking.  I would think in a game situation the knee-jerk reaction would have been to hurry back with the Queen to defend.  Very good puzzle even of few people say easy.

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    keep cool... white must have steel nerves to win in this position!!!

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    very good

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    Good One!!

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    easy but nice

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    Your one move from being mated,first hint,keep opponent in check,sac the Q,and the mate's continue from there.These guy's are great.Thank's Chess Com,good day chessheads!!!

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    Good one.

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    nice puzzle but also a BIG PIECE OF STRAWBERRY ICE-CREAM CAKE!!!!!!


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