12/26/2011 - Mate in 2

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    I thought the board was turned around. Dah.Embarassed

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    Nice example of using zugzwang

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    beautiful ending

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    Once the pawn move is forced, then black's fun is over.

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    pyramider wrote:

    Not too bad a puzzle- became easier once I realized the orientation of the board.  There must be a reason why so many people complain about the level of puzzles and yet keep coming back daily for more.  Any psychiatrists wiling to give free opinion?

    If your day consists of complaining about a puzzle, then you have no life.

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    cool puzzle :) Cool

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    ok, the queen survived

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    chehan_charutha wrote:


    very easy

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    I guess.


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    And a Merrylly Happy Christkwanzahunaka to you to Guyz Peace on earth an good will towards everybodyLaughing




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    i like christmas

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    first and easyTongue out

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    easy one

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    so easy!force him to play h2 by stalemating the king with Qf2 then mate him with 2. Qf1#

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    Actually took me two tries, didn't notice the orientation of the board. A fun puzzle. (And while it may not speak too much for my intelligence, it was the first that I've been able to figure out.)

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