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12/29/2011 - Mate in 5

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    This puzzle is helpful for normal plying. In most cases you have not the horizon to see until the mate. Assume your horizon to see a mate is limited to 2 moves. (The reason may be for example lack of experience or lack of time.) In real life your horizon in chess is limited and you have to do the best within that limit.

    At the first look black has at all one pawn more than white.

    Nf5 creates a mate threat that may be overlokked and has no obvious disadvantages.Assume you have no better ideas. Than move Nf5. Perhaps black overlooks the threat. If he does, white has won. If he does not, he has to do something against it.

    Any moves with the king lead to direct mate. A move with the rook leads to mate within 2 moves by Q->h6->g7. Mate within 2 moves are within your horizon of 2 moves.

    Black blocks the this threat by Qf8. The Queen is tied to control h6. Now white can take pawn f7+ and ask the queen to get away or keep control over h6.

    Decision of black: keeping control over h6 by the queen and get away with the king. Still the mate is out of horizon of white, but a normal move is to take the queen. It has no obvious disadvantages and white has better material.

    Black takes the rook and now the mate within 2 moves is in the horizon.White wins.

    This puzzle shows a rule of thumb: if you can threat with a mate without disadvantages: do it!

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    brazenbishop101 wrote:

    Quite fun

    yes very nice

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    coolFoot in mouth

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    Manalika wrote:

    why did the queen move to f8 instead of any other square?

    Because otherwise Qh6 - mate

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    you can do check mate in 2

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    Mighty fine. 

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    Good puzzle if you ask me.

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    Very good puzzle indeed.  Many people who said that this puzzle was easy probably missed the point of the puzzle.

    The people who said that this position would never show up in a real game may be correct.  However, in a real game, it is very probable that Black would have been worse off.  It is indeed lucky for Black that the Queen, which was the target of a double attack, was able to not only save herself, but defend against  mate.  In most cases, it is far more likely that the Queen would have just been lost.  Fantastic puzzle.

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    Jsar wrote:

    what am i missing? why wouldn´t the black queen take the rook in f7? 

     Because the Queen is defending against Qh6#. 

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    nice puzzle..kind of hard. took me a couple of tries


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