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12/4/2012 - Kubbel, 1914

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    (looks at question)

    errrrrrm, so WHAT was the point of this checkmate agian?

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    Tongue Outnot bad but not that good

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    MattF012 wrote:

    "Of course. Clear path to queen the pawn. I wonder how it was easy for you if you have to ask that. "

    um, what? this isn't a winning position for white, it's going to result in a stalemate. 

    no it is not

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    nice. nailed the puzzle

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    What a practical, instructive puzzle!

    1. Ke4
    allows black to capture the knight, but once the white king captures black's h-pawn, there is no stopping white's promotion at h8.

    If Black chooses instead to prevent 2.Kf3 by moving 1. ... Kg3, white will simply move 2.Kf5 (I originally posted  2.Kf4, but that was a typo error)-- still lined up to move 3.Kg4 no matter what black does.  On his 4th move white will capture black's pawn, and there will be no stopping him from promoting his pawn at h8. 

    Edit:  Note that because of the Knight at g1, the black king cannot capture the pawn at h3 nor move to f3 to keep white from 3.Kg4.
    And now, the knight can be used to disrupt Black's attempt to pin the white king on the h-file:
    1. Ke4     Kg3
    2. Kf5      Kf2
    3. Kg4      Ke3
    4. Kxh4    Kf4
    5. Ne2+    Kf5
    6. Kg3      Kg5
    7. Nf4      Kh6
    8. Kg4      Kh7
    9. Kg5      Kh8
    10. Kg6    Kg8
    11. h4      Kh8
    12. h5      Kg8
    13. h6      Kh8
    14. Ne6    Kg8
    15. Nd8    Kh8
    16. Nf7+   Kg8
    17. h7+     Kf8
    18. h8=Q+

    Variations abound, but the point is, if black chooses 1. ... Kg3, he will still be unable to prevent promotion at h8. 

    1. ... Kf2 would be immediately  met by 2.Kf4, preventing any defense by black.

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    white's last move makes no sense to me...

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    very very very easy, no mistakes at all

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    Good one.

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    Nice endgame study!  Couldn't see why 2.Kf4 was no good at first - had to step through the moves to see why it doesn't work.

    Thanks for raising this issue, stepen_33. 

    2. Kf3 was the obvious choice, but it "looks like" 2.Kf4 should work just as well.  BUT
    2. ...  Kf2!, 3. Kg4  Ke3,  4. Kxh4  Kf4  and now the white king is permanently pinned to the h-file, and the game is a draw.

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    nice and dam easy

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    BenedictXVI wrote:

    Would 2. Kf4 also work?

    I'm a little astounded that a player such as yourself with an Online rating of over 2200 can't see the answer to that for himself.

    And on top of that, the answer is given by dufferps in the post (#187) immediately above your own !

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    A draw . . .?


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