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12/8/2011 - Mate in 4

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    Gil-Gandel wrote:
    Huskies93 wrote:

    You can do mate in 2 moves, but fun anyways.  These would be better if they didn't have the number of moves listed in the title.  Love these! Keep 'em commin.

     No, you can't. If you don't check on your first move, Black mates you.

    you are right, i didn't realize he could take my bishop. 

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    Lot of advice on how to solve here.  What I do is add pieces up and devide by 3.  I will then determine if it is a prime number.  If so I will look for any stalemates.  If none, I will sometimes just quickly walk away and pretend a friend called making sure to say first first.

    When a man give you his apple you have an apple.  

    When a man gives you his idea, you have 2 ideas, yours and his. 

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    Very nice. But isn't blocking the bishop's check with knight unlikely to happen in a real game?

    Edit: thanks msk, your analysis shows mate if white doesn't.

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    its obvious bcs black is one move away from checkmate...so bcs of this we already  knew white must check the king for mate to 4...

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    hucca wrote:

    pretty easy saw this in about 2.3 secs. First move i considered was to sac the queen somehow and there u go.

    Ha, only took me 2.1 secs. You do not consider trashing the queen as the first move, you treat it as a given.

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    swift and somewhat painless

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    Do they ever give puzzles with more than 4 move mate? Mate in 4 has become too common.

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    4. Rxc8#

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    not bad........

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    Really great puzzle if you haven't been doing these for a few weeks.

    If you have, then you looked for a queen sacrifice first and did the whole thing in about 20 seconds. I'm not sure it even took me that long.

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    I'm epileptic and this solutinon was a fit rather than a hit. Thanks heaven.

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    IncrediBill wrote:

    When doing these puzzles it is always best to first see what situation your opponent has you in.  Once you see that Black's next move is Mate, and you have no escape, then you know that every move you make has to put Black in check until you can achive Mate yourself.

    Since your Queen is the only piece that can put Black in check, then you know you have to start with her.  Since there are only three squares that you can move your Queen to, that will put Black in check, then it is just a process of elimination to determine which is the best.

    After that, the puzzle all falls into place, as you continue to find which of your peices will continue to put Black into check.

    Yes! Very helpful commentary. Thank you.

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    good one...

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    Easy, but nice.


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