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12/8/2012 - White to Play and Draw

  • #101

    Many of the moves are wrong

  • #102

    This isn't even logical, why would black move his king from b3 to b4?

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    No Comment

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    so difficult taskEmbarassed

  • #106

    real nice lesson.......

  • #107

    Move 4. Bb3 can the Black King just take it? or is doing that a tie?

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    kaichess wrote:

    First time! Sorry I should say that

  • #109
    kaichess wrote:

    First time! Sorry I should say that

  • #110
    fdlrtom wrote:

    OK, it seems to me that on move 5 black could have advanced the E pawn instead of moving the king. There was no stalemate as long as the bishop could still move. I don't see how white could have prevented a pawn promotion after that.

    I've been wondering the same thing.  I read all these posts hoping somebody would explain what I missed there.

    Exploring it a bit more, all I can figure is that Bd1 forces the black king to move anyway and then black loses the pawn at b2, and white will eventually still get a draw.

  • #111

    why couldn't black take bishop on move #4?

  • #112

    Love the fourth move; took me a minute there. Nice puzzle !

  • #113
    Mr-Hutch wrote:

    why couldn't black take bishop on move #4?

    Because that would result in a stalemate.

  • #114

    ok thanks

  • #115
    Lame Puzzle. Black king would take white bishop b3 allowing d2 pawn to promote. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • #116

    I seriously found this one to be hard.

  • #117

    Nice one, but I did a good job! Only grabbed HELP once!

  • #118

    I don't fully understand move 4, wouldn't the King just take the bishop? 

  • #119

    This puzzle doesn't make sense. Can't the king kill the bishop at move 4?

  • #120

    Oh, now I see why, if the king does kill the bishop, white can't move anywhere, and therefore stalemate. But again, black is not aiming for stalemate. White is.


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