12/9/2012 - Mate in 2

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    Sunday easy sunday

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    good gping

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    First page...

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    very easy

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    Groove is in the heart,groove is in the heart...doo doo doo da

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    sunday easy

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    Stephen_33 posted a really tough puzzle in comment #52.  After getting the solution via the "help" button, I wondered if black could have found alternative moves to avoid mate in 3.  But no way. Black's initial response is virtually forced -- anything else is mate in 2. 
    EDIT: I was wrong about that.  I was thinking of any other move by the Rook.  If black responds by moving another piece - say captures the knight with his g-pawn - white captures the rook and mates on the move following that (mate in 3).

    After white's second move, he has two alternative moves that would be checkmate.  Black could use his bishop or rook to protect against one of them, but can't cover them both.  So instead, black advances his pawn and leaves white to choose whichever checkmate he wants on the third move.

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    easy one.

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    Nice one-two punch for the knock out.

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    Solved it without mistakes.

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    saurabhchopra wrote:
    Cnacnel wrote:

    Your puzzle is bad stephen, since the moves black makes aren't forced and they are additionaly pretty big mistakes

    His puzzle is not bad, at the most there is a problem with the engine on


    Mate in 4 or more moves I was able to find. What I was struggling to do was find a mate in 3. Do you have any good moves for mate in 3 on the above link?


    Fair puzzle: nice!

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    Good day; bonne journée.

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    Easy peasy lemon sqeasy.

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    Good puzzle.

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    Really very super EASY!

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