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1/30/2011 - Escavating Enemy Territory

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    possibly not seeing this very clearly, but wouldn't this be a better response: 1.Qxe8(the last move by white) + Ne7 to g6 (covering Nf8)

    if 2. h5 + Nh8

    if 2. Qxf7!! + Kh8    3. h5(possibly rational move anymovesuch as Kxg2?) + Qd7 (black trying to exchange the queens)

    if 2. Nxf7 + Qd7 (black trying to echange the queens)

    is this a  way for black to continue or is there a move that refutes these variations?

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    no comment

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    I believe that:

    1) h5 Bxg5 (forces queens exchanges) Qxc8 Rxc8 Kxg2 Nxf4 gxf4 Bxf4. White have a quality for the lost pawn.

    2) Qxf7+ Kh8 h5 Bxg5 Kxg2 Bxf4 hxg6 White have the quality + one pawn

    3) Qxf7+ Kh8 Kxg2 White winning a rook + a pawn

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    It's "Excavating", he esclaimed.

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    took me 2 seconds to finish that puzzle

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    [COMMENT DELETED - by Moderator]

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    it moves and seeks

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    nim86 wrote:

    first! not so impressive

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    jonwongton wrote:

    i do believe there is a forced mate/smothered mate with 1.Qxf7 Kh8, 2. Qxf8 Ng8 3. Nf7# and if black holds on by playing Neg6 but then white does h6 and its lights out for black

    I don't think it's mate. Black can avoid it playing Ng6. White can still play Qxf7+, but the black can play Kh8 safely now, cause white queen is stuck there (the two knights protect each other). White needs to get rid of the knight in g6, for instance playing h5. But this gives the time to the black to catch the knight with Bxg5, quitting from the dangerous situation not so badly. (the idea for black of responding to h5 with h6 leads to a mate after 2.hxg6, Nxg6 3. Qe8+ Nf8 4.Qxf8#)

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    so easy

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    escavating isn't a word

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    Should be more than just the one move for me.

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