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1/31/2012 - Mate in 2

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    one hundred and ninetieth bitches!

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    easy one

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    these puzzles do not teach us anything...

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    Easy, and I'm a super beginner. Thanks, these really help me understand the game.

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    eeee easy

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    These puzzles affirm that I am past the beginner stage. One of the skills in Chess, is learning not only  how the pieces move, but how they move in combination. The next skill is learning to be able to recognize the combiations and patterns from which a mate can be made/possible. At a 1400 rating, I am still learning that one, and will be for many years yet. The next one is how to constructively analyze a game. Ii imagine that latter one goes on forever.

     I read an article recently, that one GM found (by analsis of losing games) That every time he made the intuitive Pawn move in the mid-game, he lost. By making the countr-intuitive move he won. Therefore, as you improve, your analysis becomes more and more (microscopic?). ie. "The mill of the Lord grinds slowly, yet it grinds exceedingly small." So too, I assume,  with one's analysis. The more skill you have, the more minute in detail your analysis will become.

    Meow, Puurrrrr......Marum.(Die schachspielen Katze)

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    why are they giving us junks like this? are the paying users of chess.com are grannys?

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    @Sunandthreestars, By your rating at bullet and blitz you are well past the beginner stage. I note that you don't have an "online" rating. Though, I would assume you are well past the brginner stage.

     Don't be so negative mate, we were all beginners once. This site does its best to cater to all.

    If the puzzle offends thine eye, then pluck it out.


    Grrrooowwwwlllll......Marum. (Die schachspielen Katze)

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    deadly eazy............

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    too easy


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