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1/31/2013 - Mate in 7

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    very nice work.....tried r. sac.s and puzzle holds up. 

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    marmaladecat wrote:
    Vlodior wrote:

    the third move for black Rg4 is VERY strange! Black could win if not that move...

    I'm intrigued - please demonstrate the win for Black. Thank you.

    Good post MC... no reply yet, Vlodior??   Have you now looked a bit closer to realise that white threatens 4.g8=Q# ? 

    For me, Black's 2nd move Rf4, also didn't look immediately obvious. This was to stop 3. Bf5+ Kg8 4. Be6+ and finally 5.g8 as above. 

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    Would also like to add: This type of  puzzle is really good.  Very clever, interesting and no doubt will stimulate a bit of debate. Thanks! 

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    First page!

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    Very nice puzzle,

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    Nice one:)

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    one of the best end game puzzles

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    Struggled a little in that - good puzzle    Cool

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    The king should take the rook not the bishop, then when black gains a queen, you push to gain your own checkmate.  Not only that on move 6 black just walked right into the checkmate.  Overall a poor puzzle

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    Got me.Needed  help on some move's.Great move's by white.Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's!!

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    V good puzzle i love it!!

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    Was a little tricky but got it

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    Shes Pozsle pls

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