1/31/2014 - Awkward King Positioning

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    You can just put the knight to E5,then the game is just over,instead of playing all these moves

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    Thank you Bryan681972 for providing that fine analysis and in the form where we can see and study it.  (Not to mention all the times prior you had tried to help without apparantly much notice from those who were asking for advice.) 

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    thanks i grab now


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    Bryan681972 wrote:

    novelman wrote:

    I'm missing something. After 1. Qxh5 Kxh5 2. Ne5, I get that white is threatening mate with Be2, But instead of bringing out the queen, why not respond with 2... g5 3. Be2+ g4?

    Dear Bryan 681972,

    Thanks so much for the clear explanation! I appreciate your taking the time.

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    Humm...I think I've must miss another thing........

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    I don't get it. Why (on turn three) can't I do Bg5? (Did I word that right?)

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    SchobbishBot3000 wrote:

    I don't get it. Why (on turn three) can't I do Bg5? (Did I word that right?)

    Yes.  That's worded correctly. 

    White doesn't play 3. Bxg5 because white will then not achieve checkmate.  Also, after 3. Bxg5 white will still be down material.  Remember, white already gave up the queen on move one.

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    I will never be able to forsee the benefits of such sacrifices Frown.

    Yes, white has a mate position now, but I just can't seem to be able to concede the queen so easily. I think I just will never be a master Cry

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