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1/3/2012 - Mate in 3

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    dufferps wrote:

    I am still wondering what would happen after:

    1. Bg7+  Kh5
    2. Rh8

    It won't be a mate in 3, but is there any way for black to avoid checkmate?

    Looks like 2. ... g5 will do it, though if you follow with 3. f5 I think you get the pinned knight and maybe the kingside pawns as well.  Not sure.

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    agree with Wesss from U.S. B-G7 without Queen sacrifice

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    I guess.


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    A nice puzzle, and it is neat to see the pawn land the final blow.

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    nice one :)

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    Sacrifice the queen to prevent En-Passant.


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    I hate these queen sacrifices

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    Very good one, thanx for sharing...

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    too easy

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    I saced the Q,check B, K is forced to h5,mate with g4.they gave us the first move,pawn's played big part of win,thank's Chess.Com,good day chess heads

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    always the queen sac

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    Easy, but I like it.



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    It's mate in two without the Q sac 1.Bg7+...Kh5, 2.g4#,

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    Wessss wrote:

    Why Qxh4+?

    isn't Bg7+ Kh5, g4# enough?

    nvm, I didn't see the en passent the black pawn could do

    Thank's I did not catch en passe either,i seen mate in two but that's why Q was saced,make's Q sac valid now,good catch

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    very easy

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    Didn't see the en passant at first.. Good puzzle

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