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1/3/2012 - Mate in 3

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    liken this one, yep!

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    Not bad.

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    Very Nice

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    gutartas wrote:
    sousimy wrote:

    why is the QXh4 needed? 

    to avoid en pasant capture

    Hey thank you about en passant capture  !! it was a new rule for me that i learnt today... thanks for the puzzle. But i actually had to visit wikkipedia to undersatnd what "en passant " rule 


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    good one

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    Hi All I'm still reluctent to sacrifice my lady first but every time I see a queen in a puzzle it's nearly always thats the first move

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    With the holiday season over, chess.com announces a return to the standard 'Trash the queen' daily puzzle format.

    For newcomers to the daily puzzle, we can reduce this program to 3 easy steps!

    1. Carefully study the puzzle.

    2. Determine the move that will guarantee the sudden and instant demise of the white queen.

    3. With the removal of this frivolous and basicly pointless white piece, the winning combination will now absurdly and quickly obvious.

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    Very good puzzle.

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    cool puzzleWink

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    that was good, but easy

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    Good Queen sac.

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    easy move

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    qxh4 is necessary to stop your pwan being taken en passant
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    First... gook.. tks

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    good one


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