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1/9/2013 - Mate in 2

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    You have solved this problem!

    2. Kf7#

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    livinglifein209 wrote: Woo-Hoo...9th page!!! ( Just thought I'd get as excited as the "1st page"rs) What's the big deal? It doesn't mean you're better, faster or smarter. You've either got to live in a certain time-zone or arise at an ungodly hour. So, I raise my glass and toast "Here's to never seeing the first page" Also, if you'll notice on today's 1st page..."someone" has 1 letter per comment, taking up 9 out the 15 spots available...NOT only selfish, but rather "douche"y. Just saying
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    so easy!

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    good rook sacrifice...   EASY!CoolLaughing

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    thats fast

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    easy but atleast it gives a way if you ever get into this situation you know how to check mate :)

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    last page alright!!

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    Good puzzle. Don't know if I'd have solved w/out the title... which is usually the case... if I solve it, that is.

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    Pawn to G7 and rook to h8  Mate also!    only problem would be the queen but that would only put it off one move.  or is it not?  prove me wrong!

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    sacrifice at the right time !

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    nice Mate

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    easy g7 would be met by Qb6+ followed by QXh6+ and an easy win for black

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