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2/12/2012 - Mate in 2

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    nice sundae..

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    funn stuff to get;)

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    pyramider wrote:

    Troub.le with puzzles like this is that you can see the moves right away since there is a strong cheque withe the queen seeing an unprotected sqaure.  I apprecxiate the difficulty in coming up with a puzzle on a daily basis, instructive and imaginative.  That is never easy, but there is room for improving this daily puzzle since a large number of people grown used to it as part of the daily routine

     Dear 'pyramider',

          What's the definition of an 'unprotected sqaure' - is it when all the braves have run away from the reservation ?

       The puzzle posted by Azkadaz (#67) is worth a look for those still searching for a challenge today.

    Best Wishes...

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    Very easy!

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    Thank you for the puzzle! For those of you who think the puzzle too easy, remember, there are a large number of beginning players here at chess.com. Those beginners have to be thought of when puzzles are posted. A puzzle that a new player can solve can often be just the incentive they need to keep on studying the game. The way I look at it: Any chess puzzle, no matter how seemingly easy to solve, is a good puzzle because it works your brain. Thanks again for the posting!

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    Now! That wasn't a puzzle. Not even chess.

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    Wink good!!

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    not bad

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    sunday is a sunday...

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    Just practicing, thanx for sharing...

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    slowhare wrote:

    g6 to block the previous check would have taken white's knight

     1...g6 2.Nxg6!+ wins, but it does delay mate, so probably 1...g6 may have been best for black.

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    such a sunday puzzleSmile

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    Solved it in less than 30 seconds.

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