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2/15/2013 - Bring It On

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    Nice one! Wink

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    nice one :)

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    good one

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    nice puzzle

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    That's cool.  =)

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    i didnt like the step taken by the queen...Tongue Out

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    good puzzel, Smile

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    thanks for the puzzle,cant screw that one up. MEOW to all!!!

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    easy got it as soon as I saw it.. ;)

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    InterracialMarriage wrote:

    whats wrong with doing Rb1 in the first move?


    edit: nevermind, i just realized the king can escape to d8       You answered your own question

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    :) I like it!! ;) Tongue Out

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    Good one.

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    Good one

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    Very difficult but a nice puzzle.

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    Rxp7-QtoA8 mate

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    premoved 3. Qa8. It would be a horrible blunder in a real game.

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    This was a clear forced sequence that I didn't see from start to finish at the outset, but quickly became obvious.  And the first move was apparently (to me) the best move even though I didn't see the great follow-up.

    I chose 1.Rb8+ because it was the best move I saw at that point, breaking the "Mexican standoff" and at least allowing a trade of rooks.  Once black played 1....Kxb8 and put his king on the wide-open b file, the next move, (2.Rb1+) became obviously even better than 2.Qxd7. because it prevented the King's escape to b2.  Black's helpless response, sacrificing his queen to delay the checkmate confirmed it and made the line obvious.

    NOW that the smoke has cleared. I realize that I overlooked another possible initial move, one that I might have made had I seen it. I might have moved 1.Rxa7.  But analyzing that (and the reasons for black responding with 1....Kd8) would have probably shown me the virtue of 1.Rb8+ and the whole continuation forcing checkmate.

    Fun puzzle, but not as instructive for me as yesterday's endgame problem where the trick was to force my opponent to block his king's direct route to prevention of my pawn promotion.


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