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2/15/2013 - Bring It On

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    good puzzle

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    Hello everybody!

    Also QxD7 is profitable!

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    eh. i saw mate in 2, if black didnt move their king

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    easy, but nice

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    It was interesting! tempts to solve more such problems!

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    As Goldilocks would say, "Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right."

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    come on chess.com gods, is this all you got, even a 900 could see that one a mile away

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    n1c3 9uzzl3

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    Nice sac

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    Easy.  Got it first time.

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    very easy this time.

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    briansladovich wrote:
    ThutmoseIII wrote:

    Even though I solved the puzzle, there is an inner emptiness in my soul. I am not on the first page. One day maybe but not now. I bow my head in quiet resignation.

        Look again oh empty one and fill thine soul.....(#15-page1)

    I, uh...

    I am still shaking...

    I can scarce believe my eyes. Like Tantalus in the lake, the fruit has always remained out of my grasp. But also like Tantalus, the fruit has been given to me on a single occasion. You, briansladovich, are my Odysseus.

    I have tasted of the fruit. Now I desire it even more.

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    wenber wrote:

    nice and insructive puzzle! But would someone explain to me this fetish about being on the "first page"?? I thought the point of the exercise was to solve the puzzle, discuss its chess ramifictions and/or other possible variations??

    Yes. Solving the puzzle is the point of the exercise, but since being on the first page is very important to some people, it is very important to all of us because it is a subject that never will die.

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    Way to easy plz make harder puzzles staff

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    yay Cool

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    kool easy koll

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    Or ra7?

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