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2/17/2012 - Mate in 6

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    I think the so-called word "gotcha" is a lie.

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    reaction en chaine

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    Nice one Smile

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    great puzzle

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    easy to figure out when you're thinking about "mate in 6" but i would never be able to see this in a regular game

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    You have solved this problem!
    6. Rh5#
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    love to solve this:)

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    too easyCool

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    Should I say "attractive"? Tongue out

    It took me some to time to figure it out because the Rook sacrifice did not make any sense as long as I was missing the second sacrifice.

    But since this is the kind of position where you have no choice but to give everything, I finally solved it.

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    mmm not so easy for me :)

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    second... easy... tks..

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    mohandisusa wrote:


    the only person who understand the point of this puzzle...

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    All these puzzles are rather boring. Always the same: find the good check. In the art of puzzling. one main rule says you have to avoid the check in the first move, because it is too easy and lacks subtility.

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    Not bad. Not too easy, but not brain wracking either.

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    Keep checking. Sooner or later the king runs out of space.

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    I agree about the moves being forced, but it is nicely composed (some would say overcomposed.)


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