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2/17/2012 - Mate in 6

  • #121

    good puzzle

  • #122

    easy but i was expecting something trickier/

  • #123

    nice puzzle

  • #124

    good one

  • #125

    good puzz

  • #126

    I liked it...an all or nothing bold attack

  • #127

    White is very successful to be saved such way. Strong pieces can do fantastic things.

  • #128

    kind hard

  • #129

    Thats very beautiful.

  • #130

    I just opted to solve the puzzle because I really wanted to play live chess but stupid chess.com or maybe their business oriented staff won't let me log in... shenanigans!

  • #131

    Very nice, thanx for sharing...

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  • #133

    series of forced moves. pretty easy puzzle.

  • #134

    Almost first. Getting closer.

  • #135

    I just joined so go easy on me but why can't white take black's bishop as the first move.  After black takes the bishop with the pawn, white then can claim mate by sliding the rook next to black's king... call it 2 moves by white?  Thanks in advance for your feedback.  - Steve from Mechanicsville, VA


  • #136

    very nice

  • #137

    easy puzzle but one of my first to finish with out getting a least one move wrong!

  • #138

    More Please.

  • #139

    150th :)

  • #140
    1st move 'like many'had to begin with a 'chess' it's easy solving dailypuzzle this way  

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