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2/17/2013 - Easy As One Two

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    inb4 "dumb puzzle, why no check mate? duh"

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    Too easy

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    very good puzzle.

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    what is this?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    what about BLACK'S NE5 IN MOVE-2

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    Not bad!)

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    You have solved this problem!
    2. Ne7+
    That's right! Easy, one two.
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    Yes, easy... good day; bonne journée.

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    I got it. Yippee.

    Thank you for reading this important message.


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    Once again, a "queen sacrifice" is not the first thing we look at in a game, but in daily puzzle it demands consideration.  And it is easy to see that in this case, it is bound to be a "queens trade" if black plays 1....Queen captures Queen and that ends up with white being a knight ahead.

    After 1. Qxc6, white has gained material advantage of a knight, but trading queens only makes that more of an advantage.  Is there any response black could make which enables him to keep his queen and perhaps fare better in the end, albeit a knight down?

    I'll have a look and come back to this if I find one.
    Other lines look just as bad
    If black responds to 1.Qxc6, by moving his queen elsewhere on the 8th rank, White plays 2.Qc8, checking the king or pinning the queen.  black must then capture the queen at c8, allowing the 3.Ne7+ fork, else the white queen will simply capture the black queen (a trade at f8; a gift anyplace else). 

    Black could respond with 1. ... Kf8, but then white simply trades queens with 2.Qxe8  Kxe8,

    Whatever black does, white soon has a knight and 6 pawns vs. black's 6 pawns.  Black's pawns are better positioned, but the white knight will soon cancel that out.

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    Yup it's Sunday easy peasy  Did I say that?  very logial now let's get the quen back and win the game!

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    I enjoy the daily puzzles.

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    meh, easy

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    abo_tamem_2012..(#83)...... ' I am not retreating, merely advancing in another direction' !   Good puzzle..... White's next move Qa5 ?

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    vvvv easy......

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    So classic!


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