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2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

  • #201

    The Ice Queen is Supreme!  

    Difficult yet Pretty!

  • #202

    Mighty fine.

  • #203

    very difficult for me -- and therefore an excellent tactics training exercise

  • #204

    I did it nice plays white

  • #205

    I did it nice plays white

  • #206

    I don't get it.  I'm not a great chess player.  Why wouldn't the black queen or rook take one of the many opportunities he had to take the white queen? 

  • #207

    nice movements

  • #208

    wwwoooww hard my brain......

  • #209

    nice one, got stuck on the a4, other than that I knew it was a queen chase, until it is a have to take the queen move... :)

  • #210

    good one

  • #211

    Why can't black go rook c1? I feel like that would solve the problem. White has no forced mate from here and the puzzle is broken down.


    edit: wait the knight protects so black loses queen

  • #212

    good 1.. i missed the last two moves..

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  • #215

    whoa, did you get the license of that truck that just hit me?  That was a great puzzle......wow, wow, wow!

  • #216

    really tough puzzle...good mental gymnastics!

  • #217

    Overly long - the basic idea here is to remove the queen for a back rank mate with the rook slingshot...

  • #218

    I got it. That was cool.

  • #219

    I found the first move quite fast, but after 1. ... Qb5, I meant to follow up with 2. a4.

    It seemed like a win since the Black Queen is out of squares to cover e8 - but now I see 2...Qxe2!! and it's White who will be mated on the back rank: 3. Rxe2 Rc1+ and the game is over. So I have to give it to Adams, he played it brilliantly!

  • #220

    very nice puzzle


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