2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

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    Damn!.. quite difficult!.. needed to block black queen.. din get that at first look! :'(

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    ampyun86 wrote:
    jaminfine wrote:

    Ok, it is obvious why black cannot take white's queen, but could someone explain to me why black could not have pushed a pawn to allow his king an escape? Or possibly move the king a space closer to the rook to defend it? What are the problems with those moves?

    Because the Black queen has no defender. If black moves a pawn then white just takes black's queen.

    Exactly!.. and thats the point.. perfect play great puzzle!.. :)

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    Cool! Deflection to the best that I have seen :)

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    The Queen Sacrifice leading to Checkmate.  Thanks for the lesson.

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    baldax wrote:
    slowhare wrote:

    Tried to play a4 earlier but was not accepted.


     A4 won't work because of 3. Rc1+  wins!  4. RxH+ or RxR+ (depending which piece white use to defend!!!

    Right you are. Excellent play.

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    How is this nice at all? The whole time white could have lost the queen without any trade

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    Nice.  This Looks like yesterdays.

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    very good!!!

    very hard

    this is i never seen before^^

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    very beautiutiful queen combination

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    Adams-Torre...are we sure?  I definitely remember this game.  Was thinking it was from the turn of the century.

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    hard indeed!!!gr8 puzzle!!!

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    6. Qxb7

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    Really nice and clever once you get the idea of trying to remove the Queen from protecting the imporant square.

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