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2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

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    melvinbluestone wrote:
    RenataCFC wrote:
    melvinbluestone wrote:
    RenataCFC wrote:

    NM I'm not sure again.

     No, I think you're right. After 2.a4 Qxe2 3.Rxe2 Rc1+! (not 3...Rxe2?) 4.R or Ne1 and black mates on e1 next move. Nice. I guess Adams knew something about this game....

    Ok, and that threat doesn't work on 4. a4 because the white queen is now blocking the c-rook's path to c1.  All right.  Now what happens if black takes e2 at that point anyway?

     4.a4 Rxe2 5.Qxc8+ (ah, the check!) Re8 6.RxR (that other rook is still on e1!) QxR 7.QxQ# ..............OR 4.a4 Qxe2 5.RxQ RxR (5...RxQ 6.RxR#) 6.QxR#. I need a drink... 

    What's confusing me is that it looks like at this point, black could have "escaped" with a queen for rook trade by taking the rook at e2 with his queen.  After white takes the queen, black is not forced to walk into checkmate by capturing queen or rook; he has other options.  Or what am I missing?  Because at the end of the given sequence in the puzzle, black loses his queen outright after moving to a4, right?

    Does white have a forced mate or clear rook capture after 4. ... qxe2 5. Rxe2, or did black play less than ideal moves?

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    Damn!.. quite difficult!.. needed to block black queen.. din get that at first look! :'(

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    ampyun86 wrote:
    jaminfine wrote:

    Ok, it is obvious why black cannot take white's queen, but could someone explain to me why black could not have pushed a pawn to allow his king an escape? Or possibly move the king a space closer to the rook to defend it? What are the problems with those moves?

    Because the Black queen has no defender. If black moves a pawn then white just takes black's queen.

    Exactly!.. and thats the point.. perfect play great puzzle!.. :)

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    Cool! Deflection to the best that I have seen :)

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    The Queen Sacrifice leading to Checkmate.  Thanks for the lesson.

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    baldax wrote:
    slowhare wrote:

    Tried to play a4 earlier but was not accepted.


     A4 won't work because of 3. Rc1+  wins!  4. RxH+ or RxR+ (depending which piece white use to defend!!!

    Right you are. Excellent play.

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    How is this nice at all? The whole time white could have lost the queen without any trade

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    Nice.  This Looks like yesterdays.

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    very good!!!

    very hard

    this is i never seen before^^

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    very beautiutiful queen combination

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    Adams-Torre...are we sure?  I definitely remember this game.  Was thinking it was from the turn of the century.

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    hard indeed!!!gr8 puzzle!!!

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    6. Qxb7

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