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2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

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    nice man.. white played awesome.. such an evil playr :p

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    oy83 wrote:

    Is it possible for members not to dwell on having your comment make the first page? It's not an unearthly situation. instead, have puzzle related input.

     As the aliens disect the pre-frontal lobe they realise they have made a grave error!   Alas this man has indeed made the front page on chess.com and should have been illiminated from this experiment along with all the other ignorant earthlings that call first page their home. 


    Sorry too many cones tonight he cries as he carves another one open......

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    Cool Oh! I get it now.Very clever.Manipulating black queen to loose advantage with rooks.

         Also, what a good example of rooks working together. At their most dangerous.

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    Fantastic - the White Q was taboo throughout the sequence. The first couple of moves was easy to spot, once the motif was clear, but the rook move was the hardest.

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    y dis...

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    good one!....lesson for me rather a puzzle

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    it was quite hard but i got it first timeLaughing

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    i had to use the help botten for the frist try.

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    Does everyone need to say the same damn thing over and over? First and nice are just lame. Any respectable board would consider that spam and deal with posts and posters who make those posts as they should be dealt with.

    The spam ruins any chance of good discussion occuring about a daily problem.

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    I started out okay, but move 3 -- the pawn threat -- eluded me. 

    Similarly, the rook to e4 eluded me, but now I see the point behind that combination.  With both the black queen and black rook threatening the rook at e2, white's threat by capturing the b7 pawn when black's queen was in the b file would not work - black would attack e2. 

    Too difficult for me, though I got some of the tactics white was using.

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    I'm afraid I don't get it...

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    Anybody explain in details y no sacrifices and not thought of other lines of play .specially for black

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    bknight-sk wrote:

    I'm afraid I don't get it...

    See #24

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    Very good

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    As I am new to both chess and this forum, I found this the hardest puzzle to date (this is my 12 puzzle).

    Once I realised the idea was getting the black Queen to off any supportive lines for the Rooks it became easier, but I still had about 6 attempts at move 5.  More like this please, no pain no gain!

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    alernate solutions are also possible IMO..


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