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2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

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    not an easy one...

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    this is a good puzzle...

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    nice one

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    Very Hard Puzzle.. I had to use help every step of the way, but seeing the principle behind it, I like it.. Hopefully with more experience I'll be able to spot these things for myself

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    most diffiicult puzzle I've ever seen

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    Very easy... but only because it's a very famous game and I've seen it before, otherwise I wouldn't have got any of the moves.

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    quite difficul, but okay

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    Difficult puzzle, even after you realise that the idea is to deflect the black Queen off the a4-e8 diagonal (and hence weaken the defence of the rook on e8). But I did not understand why 4.a4 instead of 4.Re4 straightaway?

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    The white had a great idea!

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    This is one of the better puzzles I've seen here!

    DIVERSION: Fathom the concept!

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    wow i need to go reset my brain now. I could understand the whole concept of baiting the Queen off the diagonal, but just couldn't find that last move.

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    Have you seen someone go through so much effort to sacrifice their queen.  Cool   Nice

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    needs help 2 solve this puzzle...hard one...

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    Very good,once you have your head round moving the opposition Queen it all makes sense--easy with hind sight!!!

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    white desparate to corner the king even with the sacrifice of the queen... a really good puzzle so for seen!

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    Nice one :)

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    im always #21


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