2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

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    yes, agree with prev. The Q moves were easy. I dismissed the Rook move without calculation and didn't get that ... :-( Amazing that this was a game from 1925!

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    this is prolly the hardest  puzzle i have ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is hard

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    Very Nice!


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    if u took the rook the queen would take ur rook

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    Good puzzle

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    this is so hard

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    I don't understand what this was. 

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    Very easy, like mis Adivinanzas

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    why doesnt the queen it Qc4?!?!

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    pdesmond wrote:

    I'm sorry but I don't get it, why is black so afraid of the white queen, black could have taken the white queen any time.

    Here, the black queen HAS to protect the rook on e8. So it MUST stay on the a4-e8 diagonal. All the white moves are aimed at DEFLECTING the black queen away from this diagonal. Once this is done, black will be checkmated in 2 moves... (After the black queen is removed from this diagonal, 1.Rxe8+ Rxe8, 2.Rxe8#). I hope you got it now.

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    Why did the black Queen not take the white after the first move?.

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    Oh.. now i get it.


    the white is trying to make a back-rank mate. so if black captures the queen, Rxe8+ and followed by mate. really interesting puzzle.

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    This is a very very difficult puzzle. Cool

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