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2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

  • #101

    I saw that the Black Queen was saving black, but did come up with the idea to divert it. A very good but very difficult puzzle for me.  Very instructive, too.

  • #102

    wow! this is wonderful!

  • #103

    Why would the black Queen not take the whit Queen after moves 1 or 2 There is nothing covering the white Queen and thus a strait take not a trade? Veary confused by this puzzle.

  • #104

    You have got to be kidding me!

  • #105

    Seen position before... but went blank on last move :(

    Figured it out after a while.

  • #106

    great puzzle I didn't get but I Yelltried!

  • #107

    Mission : decoy.

  • #108

    Great puzzle for Deflection.  with Back Rank mate looming all white wants to do is remove either the Queen or C Rooks influence over the e Rooks light square that both whites Rooks are pointing at.  Very Nice.

  • #109

    hard puzz

  • #110


  • #111

    tough one. and for a change no queen sacrifice

  • #112

    too difficult for me... not even close to getting it.

  • #113
    gutartas wrote:

    In the 4. Qxb7 Qxe2 5. Qxc8 line, the correct response for black is 5...Qxe1+ 6. Nxe1 Rxc8, leaving black up a rook.

  • #114

    why black didn't capture white's queen? he had the chance on several occassion, what am I missing here?

  • #115
    ashwinvenkat wrote:

    tough one. and for a change no queen sacrifice

    Plenty of offers though. 

  • #116

    Nice one. it's the hardest puzzle i have ever seen. 

  • #117

    i dont get it

  • #118

    hmmmm? interesting

  • #119

    Last, hopefully

  • #120

    I don't get it


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