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2/18/2012 - Adams - Torre, New Orleans 1925

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    MartinUKL wrote:

    Why did the black Queen not take the white after the first move?.

    Mate in 2. Check it out.

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    That was so cool.

    I'm glad I saw the idea, but I was pretty much lost for the details after the first move.  Which is why those guys were playing at international level and I'm not. :)

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    rather difficult problem, very nice

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    am I missing something? (why wouldn't black take the white queen during any of the first 4 moves??)

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    great puzzle

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    My fingers are tired from hitting the help button.

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    dufferps wrote:

    I started out okay, but move 3 -- the pawn threat -- eluded me. 

    Similarly, the rook to e4 eluded me, but now I see the point behind that combination.  With both the black queen and black rook threatening the rook at e2, white's threat by capturing the b7 pawn when black's queen was in the b file would not work - black would attack e2. 

    Too difficult for me, though I got some of the tactics white was using.

    Thanks duffer -- the threat to e2 is what eluded me.  I mistakenly thought the pawns could cover a4.  In retrospect, got everything but that.

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    Had trouble with this one, and I didn't get the ending

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    Great puzzle!

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    A classical and very interesting game, but the players were C. Torre with white pieces and E. Z. Adams with black. The game took place in 1920, in New Orleans. Thanx for sharing...

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    Very nice!

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    Hilarious! the way the black queen gets chased around the board, unable to capture the white queen, because it can't quit control of e8. But it looks like 2.a4! immediately would have worked for the same reason..... Or am I missing something?

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    I had to play this a few times before it made any sense.  The trick is, what would happen once the black queen loses the diag. line she's on.  Too hard for me, but I sure learned from this puzzle.

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    Hardest daily puzzle ever!Laughing

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    Very clever!

  • #139

    I'm confused. After 1.Qg4 why doesn't black play Rxe2?

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    loxatox wrote:

    I'm confused. After 1.Qg4 why doesn't black play Rxe2?

    Never mind. The e1 rook is defended.


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