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2/18/2013 - Mate in 2

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    tester71 wrote:
    Gil-Gandel wrote:
    tester71 wrote:

    I never realized there's a mate in two on an empty board...

    There is! The setup goes like this:

    Black has removed his King from the board when he should not have done so. He volunteers to make amends by replacing his King where it was, and then moving as White directs. White accepts and then (after Black has moved) mates in two.


    Solution: White was castling Queenside when Black removed his King from b3 (the empty board is a snapshot of the moment when all three pieces have been picked up). White completes castling and directs Black to play ...Ka2. It is then mate in two by 1. Rd3, Ka1; 2. Ra3#

    Brilliant - thumbs up!

    Indeed, brilliant!

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    Sorry about this :(

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