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2/18/2013 - Mate in 2

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    It's a blank board!

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    guru200773 wrote:

    I solved it visually on the homepage of this site :P :)

    Well, that's a way to do it...

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    Qe5... easy

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    This is the daily puzzle for Monday 18/Feb/13 - it looks as if a mistake was made in the format of the FEN string (one too many quotation marks) which may be why it didn't post correctly...


    It's White to move & mate in 2.

    { For  those of you who are interested, look at lines 482 to 488 of the page source code ! }

    Makholm posted a simular puzzle,only difference was mate was done with Q sac and R mate, 1.Qh5+...gxh5, 2.Rxh5#,rather than 1.Qh5+...Kg7, 2.Qh7#,they both worked.Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's and thank's stephen 33 for posting correct puzzle!!

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    where is the puzzle

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    botth player has mate that's why no pieces shown

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    What do you think about my new invention?                 H.G.Wells

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    For those who got a blank board, here's the puzzle:

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    abo_tamem_2012 wrote:

    Nice one,you got me

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    uh, are they making us do it blindfold?

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    You can see the pieces on the home page, it's an easy puzzle with the solution being  1. Qxh5+ gxh5  2. Rxh5#

    (I don't feel guilt about posting the solution, since there are no pieces shown, and it's so simple!)


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    very easySmile

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    Embarassed I am bluhsing...

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    Use this and go to game editor

    [FEN "r4r2/pp3p1k/1q3bp1/3p3p/8/2P1P2Q/2KB1P2/6RR w - - 0 1"]

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    I see only an empty board

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    Where's that puzzle?

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    no puzzle ??

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    Truly, this is the Hardest Puzzle I've ever palyed.......

    Until you can't move anything in there... incredible!!!!!

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    o I see it now

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