2/18/2013 - Mate in 2

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    Boy this is a tough one. Mate in two without pieces. I give up!

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    Easiest chess puzzle.Even naive can solve it easily.

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    I used to solve almost all of the puzzle posted here. Modesty aside of course. But this one? Wow! How could I. I got no brain to solve this one. For who has sight and brain so keen and strong that can solve the puzzle that can't be seen?

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    Sacrifice queen ... but I too don't see puzzle .

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    This puzzle takes the concept of queen sacrifice to the next level.  Brilliant.

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    woot. ez puzzle. check mate in 2.

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    Too hard for me, I'm sorry

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    What's wrong with chess.com these days? Cry First the same puzzle as the day before, now this! Boo-hoo!!

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    I solved it. It's invisible! Cool

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    easy! :D Had to solve it on chess.com's homepage though! Laughing

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    For those who don't know, the reason the pieces are gone is because I stole them. That's right. I am holding them for ransom. If I don't see $100 in my Paypal account by 3:00 am, you will never see them again!

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    Hardest puzzle ever. My mind went blank.lol. what happend to u chess.com?This blank board puzzle puzzles me. hmmmm... 

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    this is a jog

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    Saw the pin straight away, easy.

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    good one !!

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    Swr2d2 wrote:

    I don't see a puzzle...

    Me either.

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    how many ppl here just skip to the last page and write easy, or good one without even solving it?

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