2/20/2012 - Attack and Surprise


a not difficult puzzle;saw   one other day,a3moverthat stumped me for20 mins.on th first break from the main line!!!it was this one:White-K-a2,Nb5,Nd6Be4Rf7...BK-Kd8, Rg8, Nh3, p'sg2,e5,d7.......White to move;my problem as evidently so simple they didn't bother to list the moves!!!....My problem was that i couldn't see the mate after white's first move,i.e.,if blk's pawn takes bishop.   in the event you don't understand my  wrieing,iiit is how the pieces are set up.u'll prob. have no trbl. lluck?,NO;SKILL,bye,psiphi1