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2/21/2012 - Outside the Realm

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    Great puzzle!

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    MaartenSmit wrote:




    An interesting underpromotion puzzle.  I would like to see it played to the end, though after g8=R there are many variations.  I think g8=R is the only way white can win.  Am I right?

    Then, I think it is necessary to get the black King away from the corner to avoid stalemate.  Then, I think white can force a checkmate, but I may be wrong. I played it out to where Kings were in opposition at e6 and e8 and White moved Rh8#.  I know black could have made some different moves and perhaps prolonged the game, but I don't think he could have avoided checkmate with the white king on the sixth rank and the black king forced to stay on the eighth.

    Can any endgame guru tell me if I am right or wrong on that?

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    Must always be aware of using the under promotion idea.

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    Post 90. it is checkmate. The rook is pinned.

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    I love the knight life!

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    Really weird. Nice though.

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    umtrzo wrote:

    Would it be more beautiful if the knight was at c5 instead of d6?

    Umtrzo, d6 has to be played because when the black king moves to a5, the white king is actually under check by Rb5! So, this is actually quite nice! Money mouth

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    At first I was very backward... having the white king on the 8th rank through me.  I thought I was looking at a board from black's perspective... not a King on 8.  When you do that it makes you think of your pawns capturing the wrong direction etc.  Once I realized the King was on 8 finding the underpromotion was easy.

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    the hardest part of this puzzle was trying to figure out which way white was going lol

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    Good one!

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    kool i got it on ma first try too.... how awesome

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    14  Hours    Alice  I am going to send you to the moon.

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    Promotion to a Knight seems really popular in these puzzles (it's the third one I've seen in only a month or so). Is it because it's so unusual in normal playing & is meant to put us off our guard ?

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    Threw me for a loop...

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    happy fat TuesdaySmile


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