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2/2/2013 - Mate in 4

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    quite slow for me to solve but i did solve it :D

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    good one,  thanks

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    Very good puzzle.

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    easy easy

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    ooops... queen sac again.

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    queen sacrifice

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    Bryan681972 wrote:
    PIRATCH wrote:
    kaichess wrote:

    crig ra bandolo 1st time 2nd Queen sac for sunday good morning 

    Sunday? It's Saturday!

    I'm not sure, if this is the only way to mate and to win!

    What about 1 Rcg1? With the idea of sacrificing the rook on g4 (taking the knight with check) ...

    1. Rcg1, with the immediate threat of 2. Qxh6#, looks like it ultimately works, but because it is not a check, it allows black time for stalling/defensive moves beginning with 1...Qxc2+ that should delay mate for more than four moves. 

    Not at all: 2 Qxc2+ - Maybe it's not mate in 4. But the game is over anyway!

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    I knew it sacrifice the Queen argh!YellTongue Out

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    Let's have a look at 1 Rcg1:

    Even if this means to leave out the opportunity of a very nice queen sac! Wink

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    not so dificult but very usefull for any player

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    easy and nice

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    Only because it was a daily puzzle did I consider that initial Queen Sacrifice.

    Even so, I wanted to start out with Bxg4. - But then black would have a variety of options; I hadn't analysed them all.

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    oh yea i love daily puzzles they always give me a sence of accomplishment when i solve them!

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    Nice queen sacrifice.Cool

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    nic puzzle but medium!

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    Great Puzzel! The comments or at least some of them could be toned down a bit.   Calilleach -do you honestly beleive in natural selection?  You have got to be kidding.  Are you an accident? I am a created human by the hands of God!  You have to have a whole lot more faith to believe in that Natural Selection junk.

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      the hint : we have to attack at queen side what we have to play posted by adarsh tripathi

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    YAY! EMOTICON -->Cool 


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