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2/22/2012 - Mate in 5

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    Good done!!!

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    very easy, obvious moves

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    pretty easy

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    very cool

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    This is the first "mate in 5" that I found on the first try.  Strip away the King's protection and he is doomed.

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    bravely atack with plan & win ...good

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    i'm on it

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    ez an good

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    Nice.. found this one quite easy but only because it's titled mate in 5.. still struggling to see these mating opportunitites in an actual game though.

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     in one try

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    i finally got a daily puzle right!!Money mouth

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    Yeah Nice :D

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    Very nice puzzle

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    dufferps wrote:
    stephen_33 wrote:

    Some of these puzzles confound me but this seemed fairly obvious - all checking moves with mostly forced captures by black & little or no variation to speak of,  leading to a mechanical solution. Not very interesting - I'd rather be confounded.

    Can anyone tell me what "lol" means please ? - I keep seeing it in these posts.

    I'm sure someone has already answered that "lol" means "laughing out loud."

    I want to comment that your observation "this seemed fairly obvious" was very similar to my own reaction.  And yes, black's alternatives (variations) were limited and not really better than (or even as good as) the moves he chose.

    The only point I disagree on is one of personal preference: You say:
    "I'd rather be confounded."
    My preference is to have the solution within my range of comprehension.
    This puzzle left me feeling good after several days of being confounded. (lol)

    (But I did like that underpromotion to knight- was it yesterday?)


     On reflection, 'challenged' would have been better as I like to find the solution as much as anyone else but I also like to work for it. Then it's more of a buzz.

    I agree with you about the knight promotions - I've been caught twice now & it can leave you thinking that promoting was the wrong move entirely. It's all about the right tool for the job, I suppose.

    Thanks for solving the mystery for me: I'd never have guessed that 'lol' meant that. 

    Best Regards...


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