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2/27/2013 - Mate in 2

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    Well I tried RxQ for the 2nd move. It took awhile to see why that didn't work.

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    First Page !!

    Tongue Out

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    Gangnam_Style82 wrote:

    First Page !!


    Why is that picture so big?

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    Does it make a difference if black takes with the knight instead of the queen? I don't see any difference.

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    good one!

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    very very nice...

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    Very nice puzzle.

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     I would have played qxg5 and had some queen fun. but this works.

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    got it.

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    PJAJ4321 wrote:
    briansladovich wrote:

       Black was a little lazy at castling !

    Well, anybody can tell that!

    Cool   Wow !  You're good. But obviously didn't notice that white had not castled, either.

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    Though QxR was possible but it is not a mate since the black queen can block. A good one!

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    Easy !

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    Nice exercise in choosing the right options.

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    Clearance Mate!  Thanks for the lesson.  The knight checks the Black King; to wit; clears the diagonal h2-h8 for the Bishop to administer Checkmate!

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    How on earth did black get into this position in the first place?

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    These people who always say first page are difinitely are the ones who failed to solve it from the first trial:)

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    Very good


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