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2/5/2013 - Swinging Over

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    Cool   Now let's try the roundabouts. Not much else to say about this one.

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    very easy one

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    Easy puzzle for an open field warrior!

    But very nice indeed. ^^

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    The same result with one move more would be after:

    1 Qxc4+ Qc6 (1...Qc7 2 Qxc7#) 2 Qg4+ Qe6 3 Qxe6# Wink

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    actually in the real game i prefer to give him some chances and bring back my queen to finish him , meanwhile i enjoy killing his rook and bishop too , it would be awsome , dont you agree?

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    Only thing that could make this puzzle challenging would be to have a "sacrifice is required" mindset.  I still look for easy, safe checks first, (like the knight to g5+ yesterday and the queen to g4+ today).  Once I saw them, in both instances, the inevitable checkmate was obvious.

    I still think Sunday's puzzle was the most interesting one so far this week.

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    easy but nice one.

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    PIRATCH wrote:

    The same result with one move more would be after:

    1 Qxc4+ Qc6 (1...Qc7 2 Qxc7#) 2 Qg4+ Qe6 3 Qxe6#

    1.Qxc4+ Kd7  and now there are several alternatives to be played out.  I am not sure white has a guaranteed win.  The black king now has an escape square.  He is also in position to "protect" an inteposing queen at e6 and he still "protects" his d8 rook (though he can't do both, so I think he will use the e7 escape square before interposing his queen).  I think he has a pretty good answer for white's next move, whatever it is.

    Edit - but white still has a huge material advantage, and he'll probably bring his additional rook and knight into action to finally win the game.

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    wery easy

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    Took a minite,but turned out easy 1.Qg4+...Qe6, 2.Qxe6#.Black had to block because of Ba5,and then the mate move, 2.Qxe6#,Leaving black K pinned by R,and Ba5 covering b8.Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's.It was a forced mate,just had to find a way to check from beggining!!!

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    as always first..!


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