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3/13/2018 - Step By Step, Move By Move

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    Nice puzzle!

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    but capturing the Queen is also winning? :/

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    i wish this puzzle gave me some points

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    Nice and Easy!

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    ridiculously easy


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    easy puzzle yes but it's still a "fastest mate" as I can win easily by just grabbing his queen first

    Better puzzle if my rook starts on f1 whereby I am now just a rook down and need to checkmate or I'm losing.



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    Think in a real game I would probably take the Queen since the King is in such a world of hurt anyway. But as it's a puzzle I knew that was most likely the wrong move. Mate in two is fine, but still, taking the Queen is so much more satisfying . . .

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    Grabbing the queen is still better, although longer, because the win becomes easier.

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    Rather easy for a Tuesday puzzle.  I found this easier than either the Monday or the Sunday puzzles.


    Edit - I see that some mention the temptation to "grab the queen"

    I  don't play "blitz chess," so I do take time to look a move or two ahead.  If I "grabbed the Queen," I would be immediately forced to trade rooks leaving black with a rook on the open d-file with my King vulnerable on the back rank.  Only salvation would be checking with my Queen.  But then the easy checkmate by checking with my Queen and back-rank rook avoids the whole problem.

    Actually,  I looked at checking opportunities before even thinking of "grabbing black's queen."

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    kewl checkmate !

    p.s. happy pi day

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    Not as hard as usual. But usual isn’t hard 🧠💩

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    ssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssssssssyyyyyy


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    Mate in 3

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    Too easy


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    very easy as i had no problem for a 1300 player.


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