3/22/2018 - Briger, 1979

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how can anyone get all the moves right when you do not know what you are looking for. I'll bet that Carlsen didn't get them all right first try either.


BINGO! Some of the puzzles I keep asking what is the end result supposed to be? I am very skeptical of any "first try" claims on this one. Interesting puzzle to work.

Then I'm sorry to say you don't understand composed endgames studies well enough, or perhaps chess in general well enough either.  Without the pawn, this position according to endgame databases for six pieces is a win for White, but if Black can queen the pawn it's all over for White.  Only an initial check can start the solution otherwise the pawn queens immediately ... period.  How to get to the pawn or, as in the solution, block it just in time, is the challenge.

FightingBob, that is why I'm on Chess.com, to work to improve my game. I've played chess for years. Played it, but never really improved a lot or understood certain key things to look for at a deeper level. Again, that is why I'm on Chess.com. I'm enjoying the lessons, tactics, and daily puzzles and quickly learning a lot. Am I memorizing and studying game after game, etc.? Nope, but I'm picking up things at a much faster pace than ever before. Do I plan to be highly competitive and achieve upper rankings? Nope. If things happen to get there, so much the better, but I do have other interests, a family, and a J O B that keeps me busy as well. Thanks for the insight on the composed endgame. I have an end game book I plan to read soon enough, but for now, Chess.com is working out great!


Wait, what were you supposed to do? meh.png

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I'VE looked at it in a different way but that the good one