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3/10/2012 - White to Draw

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    edgy_rhinx wrote:

    Why not 1. .. Qxh3 ?!

    1.. Qxh3 means the queen will be put in danger after Rf2 and Bxh2.  The mating net isn't set up properly then.

    mraustinp wrote:

    Pretty sure this isn't a draw....Anyone care to work this out further?

    Clearly White's first move has to avoid checkmate... Options being what?

    bishop to h3
    pawn to h3

    Anything else? I think King to g1 will result in a win for black...Having looked that over closely but that is my first hunch.

    What is black's next move if playing for a win?

    Pawn to h3 loses to Bxh3, setting up pins and forks throughout


    White has to deal with the black mating threats first before he can even address a4/a5.


    Anyone who thinks this isn't a draw isn't seeing Black's threats properly.


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    why is this a draw?!

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    I do not get this puzzle at all

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    Was this from a practical game or just a puzzle?

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    This one is so far the hardest daily puzzle I have ever seen

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    Fantastic Game Saving. Nice. :)

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    gutartas wrote:

    I hope, that can help a bit

     Thanks for attempting to explain, but I'm still scratching my head.  It strikes me that even the way it's played out as you've shown, there could be a white pawn promotion, with white knight assistance.  It's just over my head.  But hey, an occasional puzzle like this is good!  2400 players are people too!  LOL!

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    not able to make sense of it

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    This puzzle was very hard for me but I enjoyed the challenge!!!!!! Smile

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    The puzzle ends with like half the game left.

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    move the rook to the right and you have checkmate

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    Pffffff began to see dubbel

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    Wow this is one tough Ice puzzle.

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    pointless puzzle
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    lol easy


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