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3/11/2011 - Cohn, 1928

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    It seems the key move is that initial Kf2.  from that point there are many variations, but no matter what black does, white has a response that will lead to a draw, either by stalemate or by simply clearing the board of all the pieces.  It is hard to find a blunder by black that would allow white to win, but it is impossible for black to win unless white makes a blunder (and the correct responses for white are not too hard to see at that point.)   Previous commenters have shown a number of the variations.  In several of them, white uses the principle of maintaning opposition against the black king to force a draw.

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    tavi001 wrote:

    2. Rxe4 is also a draw. So there are 2 ways of obtaining a draw.

    its only 1 way to draw.. if 2.Rxe4 is a lose..

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    Such puzzles improve our insight into the game

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    FIRST!!!! nice one :)

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    what about black kd4

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    nice puzzle .... i do only after seeing the solution...lol

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    thanks for that short and sweet get-to-the-point explanation, marmaladecat. i totally understand now/. but one thing, isnt the dailypuzzle a post too? except that its made by the staff? so i guess this whole "dailypuzzle" stuff is just a bunch of forum posts...sigh... thats weird...isnt it?Surprised


    also, jgl1976, so youre back with that nonsense again? you are a sucker, jerk, nerd, dummy, and a dork.Yell ha ha ha Laughing

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    Jpr wrote:

    how have i solved it? surely white loses...

     Next move will be a draw, so yes you solved the puzzle

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    good match

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    Nice puzzle.  If the solution isn't a last-ditch effort, none exists.  Really cool.

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    very nice

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    Jpr wrote:

    how have i solved it? surely white loses...stalemate

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    Wow, surprise...

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    good puzzle! Nice forced draw

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    i don't feel very solved.

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    nice one. forced stalemate or insufficient draw.


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